ARKTIKA.1 at GDC 2017 and at Oculus Event in London

We had a blast at not only at the GDC this year, but also at the London event that was organized by Oculus team! ARKTIKA.1 was featured alongside other incredible VR titles at the Oculus Game Days events. It was a great opportunity to highlight ARKTIKA.1’s superior world-building and shooting mechanics – and the visual polish 4A Games is known for. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive response, we think it’s safe to say that ARKTIKA.1 is well on its way to redefining VR first-person shooters.

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

“Hands-on: ‘ARKTIKA.1’ is Gun-Centric, Highly Detailed and Ready to Impress”
Scott Hayden (Road to VR)
“This is the type of VR title hardcore gamers have been waiting for.”
– Matt Berts (Game Informer - “Best Virtual Reality Games of GDC 2017”)
“Between the deliciously ambient world, the pulse-pounding combat and the innovative VR mechanics, it's safe to say — for me at least — that ARKTIKA.1 is the game to look forward to in 2017 on any platform.” 
– Joe Durbin (Upload VR)
“VR shooters are a difficult genre to get right, especially on the Rift, where (unlike on the HTC Vive) 360-degree motion isn’t always possible. But ARKTIKA.1 is starting in a strong position.”
– Adi Robertson (The Verge)
ARKTIKA.1’s levels were beautifully created, and the combat scenarios were intense.” 
– Rexly Peñaflorida (Tom’s Hardware)
“There’s . . . a lot of interactivity with the guns themselves. Each one handles differently. A futuristic revolver, for instance, had a charge shot that was achieved by pulling back on the hammer, represented by the Touch controller’s thumbstick.” 
– Charlie Hall (Polygon)
“[ARKTIKA.1] does seem like the kind of thing that will easily drag you in and keep you entertained for hours.” 
– Madeline Ricchiuto (Bleeding Cool)

We look forward to sharing more adventures with you as we continue to work on ARKTIKA.1. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay in-the-know, and be the first to hear about ARKTIKA.1 updates, events, and much more!

Arvid Bayev