We are looking for a Shader Artist to join our team. The job will require creation of shaders for effects and materials, doing research, pushing own ideas in development, and keeping the features on par with global trends.

  • Create pixel and vertex shaders for effects and materials using HLSL and our engine.

  • Work closely with Artists to create rich looking finalized in-game assets.

  • Improve existing assets with better effects and PBR.

  • Create and support project-wide systems (universal weather and season changes, for example).

  • Work with Design teams to support with ideas, quick research and final feature development.

  • Work with FX team providing help with realistic, sci-fi and simply cool effects.

  • Be a friend to QA team and Programmers to carefully optimize what needs optimizing.

  • Deliver complete, tested and tuned features.

  • Work with particles and post-processing.

  • Work with lights.

  • Combine and utilize all engine features to achieve new heights and compete with the best.

  • Assist in improving our tools.

  • Quickly locate and fix what’s broken.

  • Be aware of global trends, learn relevant research papers, develop new ideas.

  • Provide help and tutoring to less experienced Artists and Designers.

  • Know the limitations of each target platforms and optimize scenes accordingly.


  • Experience with real-time engines. Shipped games or strong portfolio are a must.

  • Understanding memory and performance limitations of real-time rendering.

  • Understanding of existing 3D rendering pipelines.

  • Self-motivated and proactive. Doing R&D means digging your own path ignoring doubts.

  • Several years of experience as a 2D and 3D Artist.

  • (HLSL experience || Unreal Engine materials experience || Unity scripting experience).

  • Have common math and trigonometry knowledge.

  • English.



  • Good understanding of real-life physics and matter interactions.

  • Feeling of timing and dynamics.

  • Unity scripting experience.

  • Ability to code.

  • Technical mind, developed logic, thinking ‘beyond the box’.

  • Ability to pass physics or math tests from primary school course.

Benefits (Malta)

  • Relocation Package

  • Residency/Work Permit

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package

  • Lots of Sunshine