Light our worlds




  • Develop lighting options on early stages of project along with game designers and art director.

  • Create artificial and natural lighting in both outdoors and indoors.

  • Create light prefabs with artists and game designers.

  • Create day-night cycles, various weather conditions with FX artists.

  • Create lighting all over game and cutscenes.

  • Work with post-processing and color-grading tools.

  • Improve light and environment rendering tech with programmers and FX artists.

  • Participate in optimization stages of project development.


  • Good understanding of light, composition, color-coding.

  • Understanding of both modern and legacy real-time rendering tech and lighting principles.

  • Knowledge of Photoshop and other color grading tools.

  • Good understanding of lighting physics.

  • Multi-lingual proficiency (English, Russian).



  • Versatility in used tools and performed tasks.

  • Scripting experience with Unity and blueprint experience in Unreal.

  • Ability to use any additional software for the task.

  • Visual FX experience (particles, postprocess, flares etc).

  • Hardcore FPS gamer.

Benefits (Malta)

  • Relocation package
  • Residency/Work Permit
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • Lots of Sunshine