4A DNA: ARKTIKA.1 Concept Art

In this 4A DNA blog post, we’ll be revealing some of ARKTIKA.1’s concept art. While working on the concept for the game, the team started out where their experience was at its strongest; post-apocalyptic environments with a life-like feel. From there, we explored various ideas that we felt would build on the game’s setting, as well as differentiate it from 4A’s previous titles. Incorporating the chilling post-apocalyptic atmosphere into a sci-fi backdrop felt like a unique approach to ARKTIKA.1’s visual design.

Throughout the creative process, it was important to the team to create a highly immersive experience using these themes in a detailed world that would still feel realistic in a VR setting.

For a more detailed look at our design process throughout the development of ARKTIKA.1, check out our previous blog post on the creation of ARKTIKA.1’s sci-fi infused setting.

As is the nature of concept art, not everything you see in these sketches and art pieces made it to the final version of the game, but some will look familiar to players. Which ones do you recognize?





The ARKTIKA.1 Team